Selection First Harvest 500 ml. / Glass Bottle (Set of 2)

Selection First Harvest 500 ml. / Glass Bottle (Set of 2)

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In this set, there are 2 Selection First Harvest 500 ml. product is available.

OLVIDA'S Selection İlk Hasat, which is produced with low acid rate (maximum 0.8%) and cold pressing technique, gives taste lovers real olive oil pleasure.

Delicious olives collected from centuries-old olive trees on the slopes of Kaz Mountains, the oxygen source of the North Aegean, turn into pure olive oil drops with OLVIDA'S experience.

OLVIDA'S Selection First Harvest, which is stored in air and light-proof steel tanks, is bottled and delivered to you, so that it does not lose its natural olive flavor and aroma.

Bringing health and taste to your table in a bottle, OLVIDA'S Selection İlk Harvest stands out with that unique natural taste that palates seek.


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