Selection Gourmet (Set of 2)

Selection Gourmet (Set of 2)

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There are 1 piece of 500 ml OLVIDA'S Selection First Harvest and 1 piece of 500 ml of OLVIDA'S Selection Unfiltered product in Selection Gourmet.

OLVIDA'S Selection Unfiltered, produced without filtering for 100% natural olive oil flavor. Since it is not filtered, we recommend it to be consumed within 3 months. 

With its strong aroma and flavor that preserves its natural state, OLVIDA'S Selection Unfiltered brings the unique taste of olive oil to your table. Adding a strong taste to breakfast tables, salads and appetizers, Selection Unfiltered stands out as an olive oil suitable for raw consumption.

With its low acidity and natural olive aroma, OLVIDA'S Selection İlk Hasat gives taste lovers the pleasure of real olive oil.

Selection First Harvest, which has a maximum acid ratio of 0.8%, stands out with its intense fruity and grassy taste as well as its characteristic olive oil taste. The first harvest olive oil produced by cold pressing method in which no heat treatment is applied during kneading, thus preserving its dominant aroma.

OLVIDA'S products, which are stored in air and light-proof steel tanks, are bottled and delivered to you so that they do not lose their natural olive taste and aroma.


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