Extra Virgin Cold Pressed 500 ml. / Glass Bottle (Set of 2)

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed 500 ml. / Glass Bottle (Set of 2)

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This set includes 2 Cold Pressed 500 ml. product is available.

The polyphenols in olives preserve their antioxidant properties at the highest level, since the kneading process is performed at a maximum temperature of 27 degrees with the cold pressing technique and at low temperature with modern machines. Thus, the natural fruit flavor and rich nutritional values from olives are not lost. 

OLVIDA'S Cold Pressed Olive Oil offers you a unique taste experience with a 100% natural production process and a maximum 0.8% acid rate. Cold-pressed olive oil is ideal for use in cold olive oil, appetizers and salads.

OLVIDA'S Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is stored in air and light-proof steel tanks in order not to lose its natural olive taste and aroma, is bottled and delivered to you upon your order.


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